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We train you to be a perfect diver.

Memorable moments with a rich and entertaining experience.

Diving With Us

Your choice for buddy and dive place is the first step for fun and excitement

Discover scuba dive with Dive Holics team

Busy Life, Quick Dive!

Need a quick dive with a trusted dive master from a local shore?
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It's Private Time

Bonding is easier with no strangers around, so Join us on a private boat trip with your friends, family, or colleagues, and no one else

Weekly Getaway Trips

Escape the busy city lifestyle
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Shore Dives

Scuba Equipment


Many scuba tools and equipment from different companies are sold in the local market. Compare between them, and monitor the newest technologies.

Scuba Courses

Diving in the sea will introduce you to over two over two thirds of all animals that lives on the planet. All you need is a 7 days scuba course.

Boat Trips

Diving trips are matters of most importance for both scuba professionals and non-professionals. Away from the city noise, join us in a weekly boat trip.

Spear gun


Water speargun should be used with extreme safety measures. Practice your hobby with safety.


الصيد بالبنادق المطاطية

Spear Gun

Hunting with a spear gun is one of the most entertaining experiences. Once a person tries it, its passion will fill his heart and he’ll grow fond of it. Then, hunting with spear gun passion will become an obsession, Literally.


Before you go shopping for your equipment, you first must learn what different products are offered by different brands, and then choose the product that best suits your needs and diving capabilities. We at Diveholics have provided you with lists of different regulators and BCDs with divers’ reviews and feedback for each of the products and brands, so as to make your research journey a lot easier.


There’s more to moray eels than meets the eye

There’s more to moray eels than meets the eye. Here’s what you might not know about these slippery critters. Green Moray • Green morays from the Caribbean are actually brown, but a yellow mucus covering makes them appear...

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau

  Jacques-Yves Cousteau he could be the one who made the water part of universe known for millions of humans. Cousteau journey with sea which took him 60 years was not just exploring adventure. “The Oceanic...

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Transparent head fish

  Transparent head fish It has found in 1939 for the first time in deep ocean water, near California. It is recognized for a transparent head that you can look through to everything inside, that’s for it can see...

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