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On the north-eastern coast of Australia, in Queensland near the coast Townsville , and close to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, in 1911 AD, a huge vessel of 110 meter- length sank  to the seabed because of a severe tropical cyclone .The ship sank with 124 passengers on board , but it was not discovered until 1958 AD.

It has been almost 100 years since the wreck was discovered , yet its features are still obvious (in good shape). Divers will be able to recognize the bow of the ship at a depth of 15 meters and can have a tour around the ship components , which are still visible anchoring on the sandy seabed , at a depth of 33 meters.

Access to the ship internal components is forbidden for fear of collapse and corrosion due to air bubbles produced by divers’ air  cylinders , and also because of the weak vision , the strong currents .

Diving in such a place and conditions is only advisable for professional divers.

To reach the wreckage scene ,It takes the fast motor boats 3 hours fromTownsville , at a distance of  about 90 km from the beach . Divers can also drive  in their cars for an hour to the south of the city  from which they take a motor boat that heads to the wreckage spot in half an hour.


In  the place of debris , depths range between 23 m 40 m and vision  is weak with a limit of  10m ,  and strong currents as mentioned before. Novice divers are not recommended to dive in such a spot .It is to mention that marine life, in this location , is very rich .You will see many kinds of wonderful marine creatures such as barracuda , fish Butterfly,  Blue Shark  , the hammerhead shark , the humphead wrasse and Moroial sea snakes, sea turtles and many other objects. This place is classified as one of the best places to dive in Australia.

Diving into this place needs a prior arrangement since some divers from other countries need   to fulfill matters related to visa ( if the entry  to Australia were not easy , see the nearest Embassy of Australia and inquire about fares visa ) For example, a trip for two weeks  , 12 dives in  different places may cost  the divers  an amount  of …

If the diver is coming from the Middle East, costs are almost $ 5,500.

If the diver is coming from Europe , for example, costs are almost $ 4,500.

But if the diver is coming from the US  costs are almost$ 3,700.


All prices include travel tickets , three-star hotels and also the costs of diving prices are approximate and not precise. They may vary depending on travel seasons and the prices of tickets and hotel bookings , but remain in the same range

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