A group of artists and designers have created unique shapes for aquariums to give an aesthetic touch to a house including the World’s Smallest Aquarium

The world’s smallest aquarium is 30 mm long and 24 ml wide, and two tablespoons of water are enough to fill it
There are aquariums dedicated to raising sharks and they are designated for walking on the as well !
Some aquariums are designed as a computer screen for tech nerds
In Japan, in places of public calls, there are fish tanks for aesthetic appearance and different shapes and sizes
if you are a fan to fish ornamental raising, here are some of the aquariums pictures.
All this creativity has been reached after a passion for marine life and the creatures that are included in water bodies. There are also aquariums, i.e. with salty water, real seawater, and this type of aquariums requires extreme care and attention from people who must have expertise in this type of aquarium. It is also possible in these aquariums to bring blocks of coral reefs, and the owner of the aquariums supplies the aquariums and the objects inside it with certain types of security acids and other materials needed to preserve life inside the aquariums, and the aquariums is a hobby by themselves and some may reach an advanced level of providing a wide range of marine creatures to become like a private home aquarium

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