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USS Liberty Wreck

This is one of the most famous dive sites in Bali and most famous dive distinctive debris in the world dates back debris to the Japanese ship Liberty , which sank at the beaches of Bali , and the island of Bali , of course  is a wonderful touristic place that attracts many tourists from different countries of the world .The the beaches of Bali  are known for the abundant numbers of  diving trips’ organizers and centers that facilitate and guide divers to the scene of the wreckage.

The wreckage site is known for the good visibility and the diversity of marine life. The currents are light on the site, so diving is available in this place throughout the year, within a depth of 10 meters and 26 meters.

Travelling to Indonesia is very easy . Most people coming from different countries of the world can get visas from the airport upon the arrival in Jakarta. From there tourists can book  internal flights, at a cheap price , to move between the country Islands .For confirmation  , you can refer to the Indonesian Embassy  in your city .The estimated travel and diving costs in Bali for the trip , for example 14 days , can reach the amount of …

If the diver is coming from the Middle East, the costs are almost $ 3,800

If the diver is coming from Europe , for example,  the costs are almost $ 3,900

But if the diver is coming from America, the costs are almost $ 4,250


All prices include travel tickets and four-star hotels .These costs of diving are only approximate ,not absolute. Costs may vary depending on travel seasons and tickets prices tickets, and hotel bookings , but remain in the same range.

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