Macropinna Microstoma

This fish was first found in 1939 in the deep water of the ocean, near California, and it is characterized by having a transparent head, we can see what is going on inside it, and therefore it can also see through the skull of its head as it has no eyes outside its skull.
Its inner eyes are very sensitive to light and react in a way similar to the work of the night view, and it has flat lens similar to the saucer, which made her dubbed the “Barrel Eyes Fish”.
It can move forward and upward.
This fish has a small mouth and its body is covered with large scales.
They are found in dark places in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 600 meters from the sea surface up to 30 inches (equivalent to 75 cm) and remain long hours without the slightest movement, and some of them explain that this is due to their desire to facilitate the task of hunting their prey.

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