Gazing out of the window can be fun, especially if the window is under the water. We can now recognize surrealism art under the sea.

For example, the artist, Andreas Frank held an underwater art exhibition entitled “The Vandenberg; Life Below The surface” amid the clear water of the Indian Ocean.
Usually, Frank is famous for his underwater art exhibitions, which are displayed on shipwrecks.
The establishment of such water exhibitions was definitely not an easy task, as the divers had to carefully carry artworks made of Plexiglass at a value of $ 15,000 per painting.
These artworks are sea-friendly, as the seawater and algae provide the finishing touches to the artwork.

The most exciting thing to the visitors, who were all divers, was the amalgamation of the paintings and the artist’s sense of nature.

If we felt that pleasure while just following the news, how did the divers feel while staring at those paintings up close?

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