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The Great Barrier Reef

Divers around the world always release bubbles but in this website they will secrete Adrenalin for what they will see in Australian shores on the best diving website in Australia the Great Barrier Reef.

Dear readers in brief it’s Australia in this place you can feed sharks guided by the best local trainers only by following some important instructions. The thing that could make a huge deference in your life as a diver that you can be so close to sharks, imagine yourself feeding the spotted sharks and get close to them .this experience will facilitate many of the different things that you could face as a diver and you will have such a great feeling and a huge confidence the thing that will transfer diving from hobby to obsession.

In barrier reef you will see all kinds of sharks like grey shark, hammerhead shark, spotted shark, barracuda, and many other fish and sea creatures that you will never see in any place in the world.

This place is featured that it has a clear vision up to 40 meters, sometimes on the west side you will find water’s stream so you have to be sure of your equipments , weights and your tank. The usual depth for diving in this place is around 10 to 20. before you go diving it’s recommended to be sure of your buoyancy compensator and diving equipments’, be sure to set your underwater camera settings and keep it ready with you or your partner with enough memory to save this special and unique experience with all sea creatures that most divers haven’t even heard about.

Diving in this place has to be arranged before a while especially for divers who are coming from other countries they have to arrange for visas (you can visit the Australian embassy in your country to check it out).

A trip for two weeks included 12 dives in different places the fee will be around these numbers which are mentioned bellow

If diver is coming from Middle East it is roughly 5500$.

If diver is coming from Europe it is roughly 4500$.

If diver is coming from America it is roughly 3700$.

Tickets, 3 stars hotels and diving costs are included in the fee.

All these fees are approximate and depends on traveling seasons, tickets and hotel bookings

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