The cone snail

The curious diver is attracted to touch anything that’s shiny on the seafloor.

Curiosity pushes the diver to know everything and sometimes ignoring all warnings about tampering with the marine environment and avoiding contact with things and feeding the organisms. Even the human wastes thrown into the sea that merged with nature must be avoided because some creatures may interact silently and others have their way of expressing rejection, such as the cone snail, the subject of our news for today!

It can kill people in less than 4 minutes. It is enough for one of the researchers to step on the colored snail on the seashore with his feet, and then immediately the snail with its poisoned bite infects the blood of the victim, pumping the neurotoxin or the most deadly nerve poison in existence!

The cone snail is a target for snail seekers because of its bright color and shape that some people use as a home souvenir or to make a necklace and some of them want to take and present to someone.
And most worthy of all is to enjoy and take pictures of that object in its original place without the risk of approaching and touching directly.

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