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Richelieu Rock

This location is one of the best diving places in the world where the plankton abound and this is the reason  why it attracts the whale shark and other creatures which the divers will enjoy during  the tour the most favorable diving season to explore the rare objects in this place is between February and May.

The spot is located  in the southeast of the Surin Islands .You can reach the site from Phuket or from Surin Island itself .There are organizers of the diving trips in Thailand  who will facilitate your access to the best place to dive in Thailand .Vision in Richelieu is good and currents  are strong .The depths vary from 10 meters to24 meters and the region is  rich in various objects. So make sure  to  have an underwater camera during your diving tour in  Thailand and pick out a suitable lens  to take unique pictures of planktons ,crabs , shrimps ,and other beautiful sea creatures.

Travelling  to Thailand is very easy .Most people coming from different countries of the world  get a visa from the airport on the arrival in Thailand or from the Thai embassy, within3days, in some countries. To make sure , refer to the Thai embassy in your city .The estimated travel and diving costs in the Richelieu for the trip , for example, 14 days are .

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