The rescuers got the team out of the cave

23 Jun, Thailand in the northernmost mountainous region of Chiang Rai Province

The story started when 12 boys with their coach went to a mountain area to explore Tham Luang Nang Cave.

Entering the cave made the group pass from a fully closed trench for a great distance to reach the intended cave room.


weather condition:

Unfortunately, for the children and their coach, the date of their exploratory trip coincided with the peak of the rainy season in Chiang Rai Province. Indeed, the rainwater poured from the mountains, flooded the entrance to the cave, causing a real crisis and a direct threat to the life of the entire group. And when their return was late for a period more than expected, a search operation was launched to locate the football team who had taken dry shelters deep in the cave.

The search and rescue operation has occupied people in Thailand and gained sympathy and support internationally, as journalists from all over the world traveled to this city.



The incident was followed up from its beginning through the Thai Naval Knights page and we were having difficulty in translating the events from the Thai language, to Diveholics website,  to know the facts. The beginning of the operation was announced on the same page and a large team of workers was appointed to pump water from the tunnels and the cave and prevent the rate of water from increasing due to rain and torrential rains coming from the mountain. Also, a group of Thai divers and other volunteer divers from other countries had participated in developing the rescue plan and actually started it. As result, two children were evacuated within less than 10 hours and the next day, 6 other children were rescued. The authorities said it could take four days for the entire team to be out of the cave, but two days of success raised hopes in doing so faster.

The eight boys were transferred to a nearby hospital in Shang Rai by helicopters, present in the area, and the Thai police secured the road to the cave site. On Monday, it was announced that the rescue operation would continue to evacuate the remaining five people, including the 25-year-old trainer. Boys are between 14 and 16 years old, and two of them may have a lung infection. They are expected to remain in the hospital for at least seven days.


The story’s heroes

Thanks to the rescuers and the experience they gained in the first operation, the rest of the team was taken out in less than 9 hours and some pictures were taken and posted to them with good spirits. “This morning, they said they were hungry and wanted to eat Khao Pad Grapao,”—a Thai dish of fried meat with chili and basil, and vegetables over rice.

“Divers gathered from many countries are proud to finish this operation successfully”

The dangerous rescue operations included two divers accompanying each of the boys.

Cave experts said they considered this type of operation an underwater escape

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