Diving from a boat

Diving from a boat is one of the best types of diving, as an experience, which does not require much effort, unlike diving from a beach. In addition, diving from a boat gives you the opportunity to discover more beautiful and diverse places in the marine life types in comparison to those on the beach. Here are some tips:

Whatever the place you will dive from, you need to define a diving plan. Planning to dive from the boat needs some important details that you should never be missed in your plan, such as:

Before heading to the diving site:

  • Do not board the boat before you have sufficient supplies and keep in mind the possibility of delay due to the boat’s failure or any other emergency conditions.
  • Do not forget to get an effective communication device, and if the place is far away, you must have a satellite communication device (Thuraya).
  • Oxygen cylinders if needed by a diver with low pressure
  • First-aid kit
  • Before going diving, you should ask all divers if someone has a chronic disease and in the event of a crisis or illness, where can you get the appropriate medicine and keep the doctor’s number for the diver
  • Check the weather and wind direction, put all the resources necessary to solve the crises in front of your eyes, and before your departure, direct your plan to the accompanying divers, or direct the directions of the person responsible for the trip before departure.
  • Keep in mind that you can get seasickness or maybe one of the companions, so bring with you a kind of medication that helps solve this problem.


After reaching the site of diving:

A person must be on the boat while diving (a guide or someone who helps disembark and embark)

In addition to not diving away from the boat, divers are exposed to losing the direction of the boat due to their ignorance of using the compass, natural navigation should be used and directions are determined by the compass, and also by identifying the forms of reefs immediately after you get off the boat. As for losing the direction, go up to the surface to determine the direction of the boat Even if you’re in the middle of a dive,

Plan that your dives are in a circular or square shape from under the boat, but if the number of divers is large then there is an idea to use a device to call divers from under the water every quarter of an hour so that divers know that they are still close to the boat The device is two minerals that can be knocked together by some (known knocks) In advance) like the sound of the clock (big ben), but in case of emergency and all divers must go up, the road tone should be changed,

Consult your trainer if you are first diving in the boat, there is a certain system that is common when diving from a boat

As a diving guide, you must divide divers into small groups in case the number is large and always adopts the plan based on the levels of divers with regard to the beginner level and then advanced or professional

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