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North Horn

Divers in the world always secrete bubbles , but in this site they will release huge amounts of adrenaline for what they are going to see on the shores of Australia, especially in the best site for diving in Australia ; namely the Great Barrier Reef.

In short, it is Australia , gentlemen . In this place, you can feed the sharks with the help of local trainers and following a few necessary guidelines . You are likely to be very close to a lot of sharks that may cause ,once you see them , a big change in your life as a diver. Imagine ,  for example, the Tiger Shark eating and approaching you with all courtship ;this experience alone would overcome any of the difficult things that you may encounter  as a diver .It  will also give you a wonderful sense of self-confidence and will turn diving from a hobby to a mania.

At the Barrier Reef  ,you will encounter  all the sharks species such as the gray shark , the hammerhead shark  , the big tiger shark,  the Barracuda, in addition to many other fish and marine organisms that could not be matched anywhere else in the world.

The site is well-known for clear vision that may be up to 40 meters visibility . Sometimes , there might be a stream on the western side of the barrier reef .Try to check your equipment ,weights , and air cylinder .The usual depth in that site is  between 10 and 2 5meters. It’s advisable for the diver to master his floating level  and to be adaptable with his own diving equipment.

Be sure of  underwater camera settings and try to keep it with you or with your colleague during the dive making sure  the volume is sufficient so that you can guarantee a unique and distinctive experience with more marine organisms which many of the divers only hear of.

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