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Dolphins call each other’s name!

Dolphins call each other’s name! A study published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences showed that dolphins, which are marine mammals, use a unique whistle to identify each other just as humans do when they...

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The weirdest aquariums in the world!!!

A group of artists and designers have created unique shapes for aquariums to give an aesthetic touch to a house including the World's Smallest Aquarium The world's smallest aquarium is 30 mm long and 24 ml wide, and two...

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“Laucala” Island

تتيح منتجعات في جزيرة “Laucala” في فيجي لزائريها استكشاف أعماق المحيط الهادي داخل غواصة خاصة، فيشعرون بمتعة وإثارة الغوص دون أن يصيبهم البلل، فيشاهدون مناظر ساحرة للشعاب المرجانية والأسماك الاستوائية. وليس هذا فقط بل ان

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Planning to dive right from the boat

Diving from a boat Diving from a boat is one of the best types of diving, as an experience, which does not require much effort, unlike diving from a beach. In addition, diving from a boat gives you the...

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The cone snail

The cone snail The curious diver is attracted to touch anything that’s shiny on the seafloor. Curiosity pushes the diver to know everything and sometimes ignoring all warnings about tampering with the marine...

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What do you know about cave diving?

This time we are discussing a different type of diving. It’s cave diving which involves going to rugged places and caves underwater, usually at very great depth. Hence it requires special equipment in addition to the usually used. Most...

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The Sinking World

Gazing out of the window can be fun, especially if the window is under the water. We can now recognize surrealism art under the sea. For example, the artist, Andreas Frank held an underwater art exhibition...

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