Laucala Island ــ Fiji

Have you ever imagined having a good time on a submarine …??

Once the word submarine comes to mind, everyone imagines a military life, diving suits, and individuals engaged in a precise and organized work. The word submarine suggests great seriousness, dedicated to accomplishing exhausting work and fulfilling responsibilities in a risky field.

but in Fiji, there is a submarine inviting you to relax and enjoy the ocean floor landscapes.

Resorts on Laucala Island in Fiji, allowing its visitors to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean inside a private submarine where they can feel the joy and excitement of diving without getting wet and see enchanting views of coral reefs and tropical fish.

Moreover, the submarine wings are designed to move as if they “fly in the depths of the ocean” with great speed, which increases the pleasure of excitement and suspense.

Fiji Island also includes distinctive diving sites that are distinguished by the variety of life and the diversity of reefs types. You can find more details about Fiji Island within the section of the diving sites around the world.

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