Scuba diving alongside puffin birds, is a new hobby, started on Grimsey Island, Iceland, in the Arctic Circle. It attracted the most tourists this summer. So, they started swimming beside them and diving with them in the cold water. This type of bird is distinguished by its colored beak. During winter, it is gray but turns orange in spring. Puffin birds are not good at flying as diving and swimming. They can dive deep  up to sixty meters in search of food.

Halla Ingolfsdottir: The owner of a tourism company talks about this new hobby that she launched to attract tourists

“It brought her to a new level. Instead of enjoying looking at these birds and taking pictures of them, we play with them and watch them while swimming and diving. ” These water birds that can be seen in Iceland from April to September of each year establish their colonies and breed in this place during the spring and summer seasons and spend most of their time in the water. Today it is possible to approach them and swim with them and other types of birds. Ingolfsdottir described the experience of coming into close contact with this marine birds,: “ They appear as soon as we are in the water and everybody has calmed down.Puffins are rather curious so they come to check us out. And then there are other seabirds that are just as exciting to see. To float around and see puffins above you, next you and swimming below you is amazing.” Iceland has about sixty percent of the puffins in the world. It is known as the Atlantic puffins.

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