Some activists on social media shared a video for a diver descending in a cage to photograph a white shark . The video shows the shark swooping to enter the cage, which caused the shark to be injured and to bleed. The panic of the diver was obviously clear that it was transmitted to his colleagues on the surface.

Since the incident occurred on 4th of October 2016, we saw more than one analysis of the accident. And today, 14th October 2016, the diving center  that was responsible for that experiment issued a statement explaining the circumstances of the accident and all the details.

The statement included that the shark came hastily and was heading to take the bait that is usually used to attract the sharks. Because of the shark’s burst strength, the side of the cage was partially destroyed and the shark got stuck in a way that caused harm to it. Then the diver came out of the holes that is designated for emergency and then the cage was opened from the top to take out the shark peacefully. Upon the exit of the shark, our colleague diver returned to the cage and got out of it.

The diving center also pledged that they will enhance the safety measures and that cages will be equipped further, confirming that the accident was the first of its kind.


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