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DiveDeep diving, 10-46m


Fiji is a group of small islands partial to Somalia and has its self – government
It settled in the South Pacific Ocean it characterized by many diving sites and in this place you dive in a very high vision you have never seen before its clarity could be up to 40 miter Fiji marine life is characterized by its variety you will meet the Coral Reefs ,White Tip Shark . Black Tip Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Eel, Manatee, and a large group of fish that live in Coral Reefs and Ghost Fish.
Diving in Fiji classifies as one of the best sites in the world also the beaches are special, there is many sandy shores in the island and you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere after diving ,they serve a great cocktails in the resort and you can create a new type of diving and we can call it the romantic diving,
In Fiji even if you were alone or far from your better-half. Care and atmosphere will force you to become a romantic one enjoying his vacation.
Diving in Fiji is in range 10 to 46 meter based on your place
In general diving places are not far from each other and the currents are good,
Diving in this place has to be arranged before a while. Divers who are coming from other countries need to arrange for visas (if you are not sure of entering Fiji you can visit Somalia embassy in your country to check it out this trip is for two weeks it costs diver

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