Scuba Diving in Jeddah

The Red Sea is the dream destination of many people. Jeddah is blessed with spectacular diving sites. It has beaches of goldened sands with colourful coral reefs and beautiful variation of sea life. The weather in Jeddah suitable for diving throughout the year, which is a unique element that Jeddah divers possessed. Unlike other places, you can dive in wonderful spots and enjoy the warm water around the year.
The charming and fascinating Jeddah lies on the coast of the Red Sea. Jeddah, which is locally called ‘the Bride of the Red Sea’, has welcomed divers from all over the world for 20 years. The Bride of the Red Sea has captured the hearts and minds of its divers, regardless their cultures and backgrounds, with its breath-taking diverse sea life. The great diving hobby has become popular among residents of the Hejaz and among residents of different cities in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, divers come from the Arabian Gulf to visit Jeddah in order to enjoy scuba diving and learn about the magical coast of this beautiful city.

مدينة جدة

Scuba Diving in Jeddah

The beauty and charm of Jeddah can also be seen under the water. It is located on the most beautiful and rich coasts, the coast of the Red Sea. The Red Sea is home to almost 1,120 species of fish and over150 species of corals.
Being among the richest and most productive of marine ecosystems seas, and having the factors to make a dive memorable and fun have made the Red Sea a popular destination among divers. Unlike other seas, divers can explore the interesting marine life of this sea easily.

موسم الغوص في جدة

Scuba Diving Season in Jeddah

The weather in the Hijaz region has made diving possible in Jeddah throughout the year, which offers multiple options for divers. As a result, Jeddah attracts local and international divers because they can visit it and go scuba diving at any time of the year. During holidays, we always meet divers from different countries. We offer our services continuously throughout the week and the year for all those who want to take diving courses or explore new dive sites in Jeddah.

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Dive Sites in Jeddah

Jeddah Corniche was once the first divers’ destination, but the popularity of diving in recent years has spurred some local investors to open diving beaches. Therefore, we have more than 6 beaches equipped to accommodate divers. Divers can find all what they need in these beaches including special training areas and many options for fun dives. Depths vary from one beach to another. Some of them are more suitable for night or deep dives than others. Therefore, divers would never get bored and would always enjoy their dives during their whole holiday.

الحدائق المرجانية

Coral Gardens

There are very big coral gardens in the areas near the coast of Jeddah under the sea. You can see them when you join us in our boat trips. There are more than 17 huge coral gardens and 46 fossil reefs from the surface to 40m. While scuba diving in these areas, you are going to see different kinds of coral reefs and fish, which is going to make your dives very interesting and memorable.

حطام السفن في جدة

Shipwrecks in Jeddah

Jeddah Islamic Port, which was established almost 14 centuries ago, has been the distention of many ships coming from various parts of the world. As many other cities that have ports, Jeddah has 36 shipwrecks. Six of these shipwrecks are famous like the Cable Wreck, the Ann Ann Wreck, the African Wreck, the Marble Wreck and the Chicken Wreck, that was named for its cargo of frozen chicken, and many more shipwrecks. Each shipwreck has its own mysterious story and we shall tell you their stories during our trips, so that you can make the most of your experience and enjoy every detail of these historical shipwrecks.

الحدائق المرجانية

Endless Options for Scuba Diving in Jeddah
Let’s know more about caves diving

During your dive in Jeddah, you will be able to visit Abu Madafa cave, which extends more than 60m horizontally. There is also Umm Al Sail cave within a huge garden area. It extends more than 40m and has several exits. You will learn about this type of diving with us. All what you need is a divemaster and certain skills that you polish before exploring these unique spots.
“Don’t forget to bring your diving flashlight with you to make discovering those mysterious caves easier.”

الكائنات الحية في سواحل جدة

Marine Creatures in the Coast of Jeddah

Like other coral reef coasts, when you go scuba diving with us, you will see many kinds of coral reef fish, such as parrotfish, boxfish, lionfish, stonefish, scorpionfish and some types of manta rays. You will also see starfish and crown-of-thorns starfish more closely along with barracuda, tuna, eels, snails and seashells. In addition, you will see several types of reef sharks, such as blacktip sharks and grey sharks. We will tell you about the local names of sharks which might impress you or leave you captivated. Finally, you will know about the dynamic equilibrium state within that community of marine creatures.

Scuba Diving Program in Jeddah

With our extensive experience and expertise in the field of scuba diving in Jeddah, we offer many sufficient programmes for divers based on their numbers and levels at Diveholics Centre. Diveholics can make your dream come true by training you by our dedicated team of professionals who were accredited by international organizations. Furthermore, we can book you hotels not far from the scuba diving sites and the city’s facilities as well as arrange tours for you and pick you from the airport. Our services are provided for divers, and for anyone who would like to try out scuba diving. Our local discovery program is designed for you to experience a full-day fun discovery dive with taking photos. If you are interested in that, please contact us by filling out the following contact form.

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