Nine facts about Eels or so-called Muraenidea:

• The green eel from the Caribbean is actually brown, but the mucus covering it in yellow makes it appear green.
• The eel relies on its strong sense of smell, not its sight, to locate the prey.
• The eel breathes by opening and closing its mouth continuously to make oxygen-rich water pass through the gills.
• There is a close alliance between eels and other snakes and they work side by side.
• In fact, eels are a type of fish.
• Eels have two groups of jaws in their throat where the first one heads forward to catch the prey while the other pulls it into the esophagus.
• Eels are exposed to the spread of parasites since they spend a lot of their time in the presence of microorganisms that perform the cleaning process.
• Some eels shape themselves into a knot when trying to swallow large prey.
• Eels can stay out of water for 30 minutes at a time as long as the skin remains moist.

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