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DiveDeep diving, 40-very deep dive m

Dahab Blue Hole

Dahab was given such a name due to the golden sands of the region .The area includes 35 diving centers making it easy for divers to enjoy providing them with the necessary facilities : equipment, maintenance ,and diving experts . To dive in the Blue Hole , you need a special training since Dahhab is one of the world’s best and most dangerous diving sites (make sure you got the necessary training before diving in the Blue Hole).

Blue Hole gap is very big hole through which divers enter and explore caves . A very professional local guide , who is able to lead such perilous diving trip,  accompanies  the  foreign divers .Divers will have to follow the directives and instructions given by the leader before going into the water.

Words cannot describe the beauty of diving in Dahab where one can find transparent water .Night diving has an unique impact since you can revel in the moonlight  that penetrates  the water and the deep hole in the sea.

The depth of the hole can reach up to 130 m .It is said that the hole is endless but it leads to another cave which extend for hundreds of meters.The Blue Hole is classified as one of the best sites in the world. Generally ,  Visibility is excellent and currents are delicate. Since you are diving in the Red Sea , you are liable to encounter various marine creatures.

To dive at such depths , one will need to take special training in mixing gases , safety pauses , and pressure intervals.

The latest years have witnessed  many losses (deaths) among divers because of their recklessness and inability . Bear in mind that diving is the hobby of  wise people .It requires rationality and concentration .To return safe and sound , you have to dive within your abilities keep away from flaunting and bragging , and  be wise since some divers descended to the Blue Hole and never returned as their bodies remained in an unknown place.

Travelling to Egypt is easy and does not require complex procedures .Most states can grant their citizens visas at the airport upon arrival. Trips are not so costly. For example a diving trip ,for two weeks, to the city of Dahab, as well as other sites in Sharm el-Sheikh can cost  …


If the diver is coming from the Middle East, the costs are almost $ 3,500

If the diver is coming from Europe, for example, the costs can reach $ 4,000

But if the diver is coming from the US  , the costs can be $ 5,600

Prices may vary according to the state.


All prices include travel tickets ,four-star hotels , and  the diving costs .Prices are approximate , not precise .Costs may vary depending on travel seasons , the prices of tickets , and hotel bookings, but remain in the same ranges.

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