Scuba Diving Courses

On behalf of the diving community, Diveholics is pleased to welcome you to this beautiful community. We would love having you in our diving courses.
Visiting this website means that you are interested in the diving hobby, and we want to help you by sharing our extensive experience in this field with you.

The first step to take diving courses

At the beginning, you should know that the hobby of scuba diving is one of the most beautiful activities that can affect your personality in many positive ways. Scuba diving trainees will always pick up new skills and experiences and expand their consciousness.

The diving community is a unique community and if you want to join it, you must know how to successfully choose your coach and diving centre because that is going to have a huge impact on your diving level after taking the course. Therefore, give close attention to who is going to train you and to the organization that he/she is working for before you go deep under the water.

Important Note

There are more than 45 scuba diving organizations around the world. Look up these organizations and read about their training programs thoroughly, then choose what suits you best. After that, look for an experienced and qualified coach. And then ask your coach to train you to be a good diver and make sure that he/she is applying the program that his/her organization has approved. Furthermore, be logical when you observe your coach’s behaviour and attitude.

If you want to be always unique, work and study hard, and pay attention to all the details of the course because every piece of information is valuable and worth listening to no matter how insignificant it might sound to you. You will need to use these details someday, therefore do not, for instance, skip going scuba diving in a bad-visibility water and do not accept getting certified before you get a practicing dive. Diving organizations set up these programs very carefully and they know that you, as a trainee, need to know all those details. Please apply all what you have learned from your course in order to have a safe and fun dive.

Now you are going to read about all the scuba diving courses, respectively, and the program of each course. You will also read about each course’s requirements.

Good luck with diving deep into the world of scuba diving!


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