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Situated near the equator, Cocos Island is a tropical island paradise with a warm and humid climate. Average temperature is between 24-30°C. The island has beautiful blue skies, yet heavy rain falls are possible throughout the year.

However, divers need not worry since liveaboard trips in Cocos Island are available the whole year round. But if you much prefer to dive in calmer seas and with better visibility, then it’s recommended to do your trip between the months of January and May.

If you are feeling adventurous and are keen to get your adrenaline pumping, a dive encounter with the Hammerhead Sharks may just do the trick. The best time to dive with these sharks at Cocos Island is during the rainy months from June to December. This is because during said rainy months, the high concentration of nutrients in the water attracts the Hammerheads.
Cocos Island is not only about the Hammerhead Sharks. The island is so rich with underwater life that divers keep coming back for more.
Depending on weather and sea conditions, cruising from the mainland of Costa Rica to Cocos Island generally requires more than 30 hours of travel. This means you have ample time to prepare your SCUBA gear and equipment, make friends, socialize, read up about the local marine life, and mingle and get to know your fellow divers!

There are actually more or less 20 diving sites in Cocos Island

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