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Cebu island is made up of three islands Cebu Island Besar, Sibu Tengah Island, Cebu Island, Kukus Island and Hujung it is nearby Singapore there are four main beaches on the east side of Cebu and there is a resort island of Cebu diving on the beach that faces Tangy island and there other resorts
Cebu considered the center of trade since Spanish occupation and it offers a great service for diving sport because it has shores with many of the coral reefs and shipwrecks and there is a verity in sea creatures.
The weather in Cebu is great and appropriate for diving around the year but diving centers have seasonal vacations on specific days in the year, Cebu water is characterized by perfect view most of the time the view could be till 20 meter depth descend inch by inch till 10 meter then it descends suddenly and vertically till 50 meter, diving centers in Cebu are near each other’s so you can go diving in the morning and you do 3 dives in a day and then go back to resort and spend the rest of your day in it enjoying the great atmosphere and special services .
In Cebu they care very much about your diving schedule and ask for looking in your diving commuter or your booklet to keep tracking on your last dive and they could test your skills if you are going to cave diving or shipwrecks this test could be for your safety or to cost you extra money anyway it’s good .
Near of Cebu there is Mactan island where you can find a very special diving place near it .It’s a cave in depth 35 meter and has a wonderful marine life don’t miss going to this place if you are a cave diver.
And in 35 meter depth there is a front of San Juan’s shipwreck, and it ends in 50 meter. Only advanced divers allowed diving there.
Travelling to Philippine is very easy most of travelers from different countries in the world get the visa on the airport when they arrive to Philippine to be sure you can visit Philippine embassy in your country , traveling and diving in Cebu for 12 days costs around

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