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Cape Town

When practice diving, diving with sharks could be a normal thing for some divers and it could be a very interesting thing for other divers who see shark for the first time.
In South Africa at Indian Ocean that pollution didn’t know its way yet you can see Sardine groups in July and you will enjoy diving and know the real meaning of Fisheries. the water there is a domicile for Dolphins and many exotic fish and water in this place make diving very exciting
Before we start with details I have a question!!
What is the thing that embody horror for you?
The thing that fright divers the most is a shark called White Shark and many of White Sharks are waiting for them in South Africa.

In Cape Town you will dive in Indian Ocean and you will be able to see more than 40 type of sharks while they are swimming around you in this place there is diving centers arrange ferry trips for diving with White Sharks although divers get down with strong metal cages to protect them from sharks attack, they have to listen carefully for instructions to allow them getting down, divers will be prepared psychologically by the local diving trainers and they ask divers not to get agitated and keep calm when sharks come close to cage.
Every year thousands of divers come to this place from different countries to experience this terrifying and exciting dives. Only who obsessed diving will travel long distance to try a new type of diving.
Have you ever try any type of diving?
You have to be curious to know how this great hobby act upon divers!!!

Depths in Cape Town is 40m in some places and after it there is abysses. Diving local centers start with 32m and then go to more depths and if you were lucky you could see hammerhead sharks too. And you can enjoy the great nature, the charming views and the great smile that you will see on faces in this beautiful country.

Sometimes divers don’t meet sharks even if they are practice diving for long time but defiantly some day they will so if you are not managing to go to Cape Town you have to start learning how to deal with this kind of fish and understand how they move and how you will withdrawal from them quietly.

Hope you always have safe diving.

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