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Bora Bora

The Bora Bora scuba diving environment is unique and varied. There are established dive sites in the lagoon, the pass to the Pacific Ocean, and along the outer reef and oceanic drop off.


It is the quantity and diversity of marine life, that is the star attraction of Bora Bora scuba diving. Bora Bora diving is famous for Manta Rays and Sharks, but on all dives you will see colorful hard and soft corals, teeming with reef fish.


Four diving companies operate in Bora Bora. They take divers to a number of established Bora Bora scuba diving sites, including the best dive sites in Bora Bora.

Here are the Bora Bora scuba diving sites:



This is an ocean drift dive up to 60 feet. See turtles, sharks and barracuda.



Ranging from 15–100 feet, this lagoon dive explores the manta ray channel also known as the ‘manta ray ballet’. Divers regularly encounter these gentle giants in this deep area of the lagoon. It is also possible to snorkel above this diving site.



This dive site just outside the Bora Bora pass, ranges from 30–130 feet. It’s the classic Bora Bora shark dive. You will see hundreds of black tip reef sharks and lemon sharks along with giant wrasse, rainbow jacks, eels, tuna and maybe even turtles.


Toopua/Toopua Iti

This Bora Bora lagoon dive will take you through coral walls, caves and swim-throughs abounding with tropical fish, anemones, moray eels, butterfly fish, trigger-fish, and giant clams. The dive is 15–100 feet. The sandy bottom attracts legions of eagle rays and stingrays. Depending on weather conditions, this can sometimes be a thrilling drift dive. Some Bora Bora snorkeling excursions take people to enjoy snorkeling above this fascinating Toopua site.


Muri Muri

Also known as the ‘White Valley’ this ocean dive takes you down 60–120 feet in exquisite, transparent, royal-blue water. You dive above a large coral plateau that leads to a sand bank. Grey sharks, turtles, tuna, jacks, giant barracuda and dolphins regularly visit this deep water section of the coral reef.


The Aquarium

This beautiful coral garden is a perfect diving spot for beginner dives. It’s in a sheltered, shallower part of the Bora Bora lagoon (13–16 feet). You will see an amazing number and variety of tropical fish and large, colorful coral heads.


Teavanui Pass

This is the drift dive through Bora Bora’s only pass. This Bora Bora dive is 15–130 feet. The pass is the way in and out of the Bora Bora lagoon for large marine life (and boats). Sharks, eagle rays, manta rays, moray eels, jacks and giant Napolean wrasses can be encountered with a backdrop of purple, blue and yellow coral walls.


If you are a diving connoisseur coming to dive Bora Bora, and want some of the best diving in Tahiti, you can arrange a private dive at one of these amazing Bora Bora scuba diving locations:


Tupai ocean dive

A 60 minute boat ride will take you to an untouched virgin island with crystal clear water. The maximum dive depth is 130 feet. In these transparent, blue waters you will see coral gardens and undersea walls.



This legendary dive location is a 40 minute ride to the southern outer reef of Bora Bora. Dive depth is from 20–150 feet. This is a very famous dive and is possibly Bora Bora diving at it’s best! Colorful coral has formed into caves, canyons and corridors filled with many species of marine life. It offers a very dramatic swim-through. Note that this dive is only possible during calm weather conditions.

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