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Barracuda poin

In this area live friendly people , in Malaysia , particularly in the state of Sabah, and you can enjoy the tropical atmosphere , the splendid scenery as well as the barracuda area.This area was given such a name because thousands of barracuda fish live there . While diving ,you can closely observe  a school of barracuda in motion, exchange places with them , and if you are lucky  , you can identify the leader of the group.

Barracuda  spot , in Malaysia , is considered as one of the best five diving regions in the world.It belongs to the island of Sipadan, which is one of the regions that attract divers. On this island , you will be able to make many friendships with divers from all countries of the world. while diving , sunlight can be blocked from reaching the divers  at the bottom due to the tremendous number of barracuda fish .You can also find dozens of sea turtles, sharks, coral reefs and sometimes hammer fish may appear. Depth in the diving area ranges from 22 to 40 meters with occasional  strong currents . Barracuda spot is known for receiving  divers  throughout the year due to the stable tropical atmosphere.

Marine life in the Barracuda point is very rich ,and the visibility level is excellent in most cases .In the 20- meter  area , strong currents can  be  highly enjoyed  . Divers  can get great help and distinctive service from local divers.

Travelling  to Malaysia is very easy .Most  people coming from different countries of the world are getting a visa from the airport upon their arrival in Malaysia. to make sure you should review the Malaysian Embassy in your city . The cost of travel and diving in the state of Sabah ,for a 14-day-trip , can  reach up to ….

If the diver is coming from the Middle East, the costs are almost $ 5,000

If the diver is coming from Europe , for example, the costs are almost $ 3,900

But if the diver is coming from America , the costs are almost $ 4,250..


All prices include travel tickets , four-star hotels , diving costs. Prices are approximate, not absolute  and may vary depending on travelling seasons , prices of tickets ,  and hotel bookings , but remain in the same range.

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