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Banana Bay

Maldives has a special beauty, the beauty of another kind which takes you away from anything else. Diving in the Maldives has a unique story with the diamond transparent water.

Among the most prominent places for diving in the Maldives is Banana Reef Site, which ranks second among the most attract diving sites in the Maldives, dive site near Russia Nueltmiz Island. The  visibility  is excellent _It can range  between 15 and 30 meters and is characterized by the diversity in the marine life where you can see the magnificent coral reefs and fish species that live in the coral reefs ,and you can also watch  the Parrot fish , the  Butterfly Fish , the Tiger Shark, and many other creatures.

Depths in the Banana Reef area can reach 30 meters.  At the depth of 10 meters and 20 meters , you can enjoy views and sea creatures you can never forget.The diving experience in the Banana Reef Area will always remain in the minds of the divers , and the will never get bored retelling the experience in such a peerless place.

Diving in Banana Reef spot is accessible all along the year. It is distinguished by  light currents , diverse marine creatures , and the excellent vision .It is easy to reach the diving location through journeys along the Eastern Side of the island “RachaNoi”.

Travelling to Maldives  is easy and does not require complex procedures. Most states can grant its citizens visa at the airport .For example,  a dive trip to Banana Reef for ten days including at a rate of  12 dives including 2 night dives could cost the diver  an amount of …


If the diver is coming from the Middle East, the costs are almost $ 3,500.

If the diver is coming from Europe , for example, the costs are $ 3,900

But if the diver is coming from the USA, the costs are $ 5,200

All prices include travel tickets , three-star hotels .Indeed , the costs of diving prices are approximate and not precise  , and may vary depending on travel seasons , ticket prices , and hotel reservations.

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