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Abu Dabbab

Abu Dabbab area is a subsidiary of the city of Marsa Alam region which receives divers throughout the year .It has Abu Dabbab diving area which is characterized by a large number of sea turtles , sea cow, a lot of fish and other creatures that live in the coral reefs and sea weeds.

Abu Dabbab area is considered as special place , for divers who like photography , where the diver will be very close to dugongs, turtles and some shark species, and a lot of other marine creatures .Those creatures do not cause any anxiety because they are accustomed to the presence of divers. Although the visibility is  weak because of the sand at the bottom, yet photographing is superb in the spot since the objects are accustomed to the presence of divers and approach them  ;sometimes those creatures touch the divers with their bodies.

The place is not characterized by its depth. The ultimate depth reaches up to 18 meters in Abu Dabbab .Because of the sandy seabed and congestion of divers ,visibility is not good sometimes .The currents are not strong and the marine creatures  are  many .There are hotels that offer divers service  and facilitate their diving trip. The diving site is 30 km far from Marsa Alam  .The spot is a popular and a diving place (constantly watch your equipment and avoid loss of any of it).

Travelling to Egypt is easy and does not require complex procedures. Most states can grant their citizens visas at the airport upon arrival. The costs are not exorbitant. For example , a diving trip for two weeks for the city of Dahab, as well as other sites in Sharm el- Sheikh can cost …..

If the diver is coming from the Middle East, almost $ 3,500

If the diver is coming from Europe , the costs for example can reach up to $ 4,000

But if the diver is coming from the US  $ 5,600  can reach .Price may differ  according to the state.


All prices include travel tickets and four-star hotels . Also, the costs of diving are approximate and , not precise .They may vary depending on travel seasons ,the prices of tickets , and hotel bookings , but remain in the sameranges.

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