Scuba Diving Courses

Scuba diving is a great hobby that everyone can afford and enjoy.

Diveholics can make your dream come true by training you by our dedicated team of professionals who are accredited by international organizations.  In less than a week, you can dive deep into the ocean and enjoy the beautiful underwater world and explore its wonders.

Diving Trips

Diving trips are absolutely necessary for both divers and non-divers to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Be with us on our daily diving and fishing trips.

Diveholice Boat trips

500 SAR

Trip duration is 8 hours and it casts off from Durrat Al-Arous every Saturday and Friday weekly at 7:00 AM

Boat trips for swimming, sunbathing and water activities

350 SAR

Trip duration is 8 hours and casts off from Durrat Al-Arous. Through our professional and experienced guides, we can customize enjoyable programs and guarantee unforgettable dives that will be fun, relaxed and safe.

Book your private cruise with your beloved ones

4150 SAR

Trip durationis 8 hours and it will casts off from Durrat Al-Arous. cast off time is determined to suit the customer schedule upon reservation. Through our professional and experienced guides, we can customize enjoyable programs to suit the passengers

DIVE HOLICS Daily Shore Diving trip

320 SAR – 550 SAR

Our gathering will start at 7 AM on Friday and Saturday and from 9 AM During weekday. The day will include two dives

PADI Seal Team

The program of PADI Seal Team is a fabulous and exciting program for children. It is not only designed to have fun, but is also designed to teach them scuba diving skills and educate them on the aquatic environment, while assigned to different tasks and duties. Therefore, many positive things are going to be reflected on children’s personalities and development. They will develop their sense of responsibility and learn how to focus and pay attention in a fun, entertaining and productive way.

Become a PADI Professional

With us in Diveholics you will Learn how to lead dives, assist with classes and be the diver everyone looks up to. Start your scuba career with Divemaster eLearning.

الصيد بالبنادق المطاطية

Scuba Diving in Jeddah

The Red Sea is the dream destination of many people. Jeddah is blessed with spectacular diving sites. It has beaches of goldened sands with colourful coral reefs and beautiful variation of sea life. The weather in Jeddah suitable for diving throughout the year, which is a unique element that Jeddah divers possessed.

Diving in jeddah for beginners

Our Dive Holics experts are eagerly waiting to take you on a unique diving adventure, regardless of your experience level.
Our diving experience in Jeddah is tailored for beginners or those hesitant to commit to a full diving course and obtain an international diving license.

الصيد بالبنادق المطاطية

Speargun Fishing

Speargun fishing is a unique and exotic underwater hobby. When you try speargun fishing with us, you will become passionate about it, and the whole experience will leave you speechless.
اجهزة التحكم بالطفو

Scuba Diving Equipment

You should know more about the products of the scuba diving equipment stores and pick what suits your environment and your diving level before visiting these stores. Are you afraid of making wrong decisions? Fear no more, seek out Diveholics and be satisfied.
Diveholics has created an easy-accessible online store for you to find the best regulators, where you can check out the description of these products before ordering any of them. In addition, Diveholics allows divers to share their valuable experiences with using the equipment by leaving their reviews.

Ten Tips to Improve Your Underwater Navigation

Ten Tips to Improve Your Underwater Navigation It is never fun to lose directions or get lost underwater, while diving, that is why you have to enhance your navigation level and use the skills you learned to return smoothly and...

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Tips to Use less Weight While Diving

Tips to Use less Weight While Diving Let us talk about the weight problem. When you first learned to dive, in an open water diver course, you realized that you need additional weights to facilitate your descent and enable you to...

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The rescuers got the team out of the cave

The rescuers got the team out of the cave 23 Jun, Thailand in the northernmost mountainous region of Chiang Rai Province The story started when 12 boys with their coach went to a mountain area to explore Tham Luang Nang...

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ادوات الغوص

معدات الغوص وادوات الغوص تطرح دائما في الاسواق من قبل العديد من الشركات قبل الشراء قارن بين مميزات كل ماهو جديد وراقب تكنولجية الصناعة الحديثة

دورات الغوص

الغوص في البحر سيجعلك تتعرف على ثلثي الكائنات والمخلوقات التي تعيش على كوكب الارض كل ماتحتاج اليه دورة غوص تستغرق سبع ايام فقط

رحلات غوص

رحلات الغوص امر بغاية الاهمية للغواصين وغير الغواصين بعيداً عن صخب وضجيج المدينة كن معنا في رحلة غوص وصيد اسبوعياً

الصيد بالمسدسات والبنادق المطاطية

المسدس البحري او البندقية المائية يجب التعامل معها بحذر والصيد يخصع لقوانين وجداول الغوص انتبه جيداً ومارس هوايتك بحذر